Women's Health and Wellness

Every woman can develop a more meaningful and enjoyable life by understanding and applying the key skills that enhance HEART Living.

Women Can Achieve Complete Wellness

We therapists see it in our practices all the time: Women often feel frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed by other’s expectations and their own. They may believe that something is wrong with them and that no one can really understand them. The book KEY CORE BELIEFS: Unlocking the HEART of Happiness & Health focuses on how to change inaccurate self-perceptions so that each woman can gain a greater appreciation of themselves—not only as a caring person, but a person worthy of being cared for. 

The book also addresses traumas experienced in the past as well as the distresses that afflict so many women. As women learn to apply key skills to recognize and replace misperceptions, they gain more confidence and a greater sense of their remarkable capabilities. They also develop an awareness that even when they don’t feel remarkable, they are enough.

Achieving Wellness Through Key Core Beliefs

Women often feel overburdened, and not always appreciated for their abilities and strengths, especially those not related to caregiving. Even as they face the problems of their families, work, social pressures, and gender biases, they can further develop the key skills that they already possess. 

Each woman, like each man, is endowed with a unique combination of inherent intelligence and capacities that have been increased through life experiences. While each person finds ways to work through life challenges, some women have dealt with trauma, abuse, or other very harmful events that cause them to question their sense of who they are. The power of creating Positive Core Beliefs for themselves results in resolving past and current issues. This enables every woman to build a better life for herself.