Unlock Heart Living

Unlock Heart Living

The Key to Happiness and Health

The Key to Happiness and Health

What are Key Core Beliefs,
and why do they matter?

Core Beliefs are the most deeply held, key beliefs we have about ourselves. They can exist consciously or subconsciously, and they substantially shape our perceptions, thoughts, emotions, and actions. We accept these beliefs as true because they are based on our accrued experiences.

For example, someone who routinely takes in stray dogs or volunteers might reasonably have the Positive Core Belief, “I am generous.” However, many beliefs are inaccurate and untrue Negative Core Beliefs.

These Negative Core Beliefs disrupt our lives. Resolving negative, mistaken self-beliefs is central to helping us lead happier, healthier lives.

How do I develop Positive Core Beliefs?

HEART Living

At Key Core Beliefs, we know that HEART Living: resolves tethers to the past, accumulates abundant Positive Core Beliefs, and balances your Health, Emotions, Awareness, Relationships, and Transcendence. 

Through HEART Living, you can come to know and understand yourself with greater appreciation. In understanding yourself, you appreciate and understand those around you. 


Physical health is central to our overall sense of wellness.


Emotions, when they are regulated, assist in guiding our thoughts and behaviors.


Awareness helps us develop the use of our reasoning and other mental abilities.


Relationships help us develop caring and satisfying connections with others.


Transcendence is developing enrichment through uplifting influences.

Gray, Sandi, and Jim are licensed mental health therapists. Together they have more than 80 years of experience helping individuals and couples build more fulfilling lives and relationships.

The book Key Core Beliefs and other resources will help you discover how to achieve your lifelong desires and start you on your journey to a greater measure of HEART Living. 

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"I’m not even done reading it, but it has effected me so much already that I have to comment! These great authors quickly helped me to identify what negative core beliefs I have about myself. Finally seeing what those are and how they effect my everyday interaction with others has been life changing. I already can see a big difference in how I react to certain situations. They give great step by step instructions on how to change our negative core beliefs into positive ones. The book is simple to read and and even has some workbook like pages for you to dig even deeper into your core. I strongly suggest it for everyone in your life."

- Julie

"This book is full of simple, but critical concepts that will allow you to assess the beliefs you hold about yourself. I love the format with real examples, questions to evaluate yourself honestly, and strategies to make changes. It is an easy read and worth the effort."

- Ksals

Key Topics - Unlock the Happiness of HEART

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your situation is, the development of Positive Core Beliefs will enhance and enrich every aspect of your life. You might find that some of these specific topics could be helpful to you in your journey in life. 

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