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Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression

Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression

Every person who has experienced trauma, anxiety, or depression needs reassurance that they can be freed from the awful effects of these conditions.

Resolving the Underlying Causes

Trauma, anxiety, and depression are caused by incidents that erode the sense of self-worth. If you have experienced trauma, anxiety, or depression, you may feel trapped and incapable of resolving these experiences. KEY CORE BELIEFS: Unlocking the HEART of Happiness & Health can help you develop the skills that can help you resolve the underlying causes of problematic issues. The book, and the activities at the end of each chapter, offer sure ways to better understand how to work through these life challenges.

Resolving Anxiety, Distress, Depression, and Trauma

Once you understand the essentials of HEART Living, you will be capable of building a better life for yourself. By developing the necessary key skills and learning how to apply them to your own life, you will also more fully understand the factors that drive depression, anxiety, and trauma. This increased degree of self-understanding will enable you to be free to choose how to live with greater health, peace, and enjoyment.

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