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Substance Use Recovery

Substance Use Recovery

Recovery from destructive compulsive behaviors as well as the use of alcohol or drugs can be daunting, but the skills depicted in KEY CORE BELIEFS can help you or a loved one restore health, vitality, self-worth, and HEART Living.

Recovery Support

Compulsive behaviors, such as self-harm and compulsive substance use, ensnare individuals. A comprehensive approach for recovery includes addressing the experiences of trauma and chronic distress that create all detrimental compulsions. KEY CORE BELIEFS focuses on the underlying causes of trauma and distress by identifying the Negative Core Beliefs that preceded the compulsive patterns.

Comprehensive Recovery

Many supportive approaches exist for recovery from compulsive behaviors, such as therapy, treatment in residential programs, various 12-step programs, etc. When combined with the key skills of KEY CORE BELIEFS, you or a family member can alleviate the underlying trauma or distress and transform the Negative Core Beliefs caused by the trauma or distress into Positive Core Beliefs. Without adequate attention to the origins of addictions or compulsive behavioral patterns, a person may remain trapped in their own beliefs of worthlessness.

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