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Improving Mental Health

Life Enrichment and Growth

How we see ourselves is the single most important aspect in overcoming mental concerns. Having a positive self-perception is also crucial to developing the key skills that increase the ability to deal with life’s challenges.

Improved Mental Health Depends on Developing Positive Core Beliefs

What motivates the therapists who founded Key Core Beliefs, Inc., and who created the materials and training you’ll see on our website, is that we want individuals to overcome mental concerns so that they can build better lives for themselves. Mental health is never just the absence of mental illness. As each of us learns to integrate the five HEART essentials (Health, Emotions, Awareness, Relationships, and Transcendence), we become even healthier. And we add to the number of Positive Core Beliefs that will enable us to withstand any problems we may face in the future.

Developing Better Mental Health

The essentials of HEART Living are key skills that work in harmony to develop comprehensive mental health. Each of us can better balance our physical health with emotional skills, mental activities, uplifting experiences, and mutually beneficial relationships. Greater self-understanding leads to continuous growth. By developing each of the five essentials, we all can enrich our lives.

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