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Couple’s Relationships

Couple's Relationships

Enriching committed relationships profoundly influence how we Unlock HEART Living through self-care and through thoughtfully interacting with the person we care most about.


All of us want to connect with others. The most meaningful relationships are based on a partnership between two people that is enjoyable and fulfilling. How to achieve stronger relationships is highlighted in the book KEY CORE BELIEFS: Unlocking the HEART of Happiness & Health. It centers on the five GREAT qualities of all lasting friendships. Friends mutually rely on being Genuine, Respectful, Empathetic, Accepting, and Trustful. For example, if you are genuine, you are also honest, reliable, trustworthy, authentic, and sincere. All these qualities are Positive Core Beliefs that increase your HEART Living.

Creating Wonderful Couple’s Relationships

Couples who have delightful connections with each other pay attention to taking care of themselves in relation to their own health, emotions, awareness (mental health), and uplifting aspects of their lives. In addition, they balance self-care with positive partner interactions that enhance their conversations, their emotional connections, their affectionate touching (like holding hands), and their sexual intimacy. The key skills of a constructive and committed relationship increase positive beliefs about ourselves and others.

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