Key Core Beliefs

Core Focused Treatment

Key Core Beliefs TRAUMA CARE:
The Clinician’s Guide to Core-Focused Treatment

Core-Focused Treatment (CFT) achieves consistent, evidence-based outcomes by resolving the origins of mental disorders.

The Power of Core Beliefs in Therapy

“Key Core Beliefs Trauma Care: The Clinician’s Guide to Core-Focused Treatment” provides a step-by-step, treatment alternative to become fully qualified in trauma-informed care. Therapists who employ Core-Focused Treatment (CFT) achieve verifiable, evidence-based outcomes. This CFT Clinician’s Guide offers detailed explanations on how to realize reliable results in a trauma-informed care modality.

CFT has demonstrated efficacy in treating trauma, depression, anxiety, substance use, compulsive behaviors, and co-occurring disorders. For healthier and happier lives, this modality fosters complete health, mental well-being, fulfilling relationships, and the means to develop a constructive sense of self.

Core-Focused Treatment:

  • Alleviates trauma and co-occurring mental disorders
  • Provides a focused treatment approach for measurable and validated outcomes
  • Promotes mental well-being, physical wellness, and fulfilling relationships
  • Supports the development of crucial “Key Skills” for both clinicians and clients
  • CFT qualifies therapists to become specialists in trauma care

The Authors

Gray Otis, PhD, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, teamed with Sandi Williams, MS, MA, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Jim Macedone, MA, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, to develop this clinician’s guide.


“This book is a tour de force of motivation for life enrichment. I was intrigued by the hypothesis that self-beliefs impact mental health and physical wellness as well as interpersonal relationships. Written by three licensed therapists, this easy-to-read book illustrates through individual accounts and engaging activities how anyone can use Key Skills to address trauma and other disorders. By developing Positive Core Beliefs, each person can create a constructive sense of self. The principles set forth in “Key Core Beliefs” have taken on a personal significance for a member of my family who was traumatized. In my reading, it became increasingly clear that there is so much of value in this book. This book explores added opportunities for treatment effectiveness. I comfortably recommend “Key Core Beliefs” to any person or therapist seeking the unique clinical perspectives and in-depth contributions to mental health that is contained within its pages.”

Review by Gary C. Galbraith, PhD, Professor Emeritus,
Department of Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences,
University of California, Los Angeles.

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